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Fr s SEO Why, rennes is the best city in France for expats to live Website Review of baleinesouscaillou. Fr : SEO, traffic, visitors and competitors of www. In a study by The Local, the Breton capital. Things to Do in Rennes, France International School of Management : Rennes, sB Presentation Rennes has topped the table for the best city. France for foreigners to live. Here s why it beat the likes of Lyon, Nice, and yes, even Paris. Rennes was one of the first towns. France to have its own local television channel. Well, in Rennes, 57 percent of the population is single according to one survey, so your chances are good. Rennes is a lively university and student city that is accustomed to opening the door to foreigners, said Wyche. Georgia Wyche, an American English teacher who has been living in Rennes for two years, described it as a city with a small town vibe. . The Rennes airport is developing quickly so there are lots more flights back to the." Rennes is also a perfect jumping-off point to explore the best that Brittany has to offer, such as the villages that are often ranked among the most beautiful. Its a city with a small town vibe. Well at this point we're hard-pressed to think of any reason you wouldnt want to live in Rennes, honestly. And if you need a change of scenery?

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So as a foreigner in Rennes, you certainly wouldnt have a problem making other international friends. Faire la fête, photo: Alter1fo/Flickr, in Rennes youll never have a problem finding a place to faire la fête, whether youre looking to make some English-speaking friends in a jovial Irish pub or have a quiet glass of rouge in a typical French setting. Overview, places to Stay, location, things to Do, want to save up to 30 on your Rennes hotel? Locals will welcome you with open arms. Somebody can live in the city and not need a car, he said. As a foreigner living in France, it's certainly not ideal to shell out three-quarters of your monthly paycheck just on rent when you'd rather be enjoying your city. Start My 14-Day Free Trial, previous, next. An unexpected error has occurred. Rennais were very welcoming - especially towards the Celtic nations, the Irish and Scots.

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And the foreigners who live there are not one bit surprised. One of France's greenest cities The capital of the Brittany region often ranks among Frances greenest cities, with a whopping 42 m of green space per inhabitant, as compared to the national average of. Smart (or at least smart-sounding) people The pleasantness and intelligibility factor of the local accent is not to be discounted as a foreigner living in France. The size of Rennes is quite comfortable and not intimidating she added. But of course its not nearly as expensive as Paris. The French have a reputation for sometimes being a bit standoffish toward foreigners, but the city of Rennes shatters that stereotype. Here's why they say Rennes is such an excellent place to live for foreigners (and French people as well, of course). The bar to people ratio is enviable, with a bar for every 1,670 inhabitants. See all 5,443 traveler photos, tripAdvisor Top-rated Hotels in Rennes, also show. In The Local's study, based on several factors including bicycle paths and the number of residents served by public transport, Rennes beat out several major cities, including Paris. The stunning Parc du Thabor alone should be enough to win over nature recherche beurette mechelen lovers, but if not there are 59 other city parks to explore as well as community gardens for those looking to flex their green thumb. So forget the City of Love in fact it's Rennes that gives you a better prospect of meeting your soul mate, or âme sœur in French. baleinesouscaillou fr rennes

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